40 years of total experience in the field of Gemology & Geology


Gems arouse curiosity. Curiosity makes you observe, explore and learn. Hence the saying –“There is a difference between wondering and knowing”.

At ACGS (Asiatic Center of Gemological Services), we are committed to impart knowledge, teach skills, and share the latest information and research with our students and clients.

ACGS (Asiatic Center of Gemological Services) offers globally recognized courses in gemology, diamonds, pearls and retail sales.There is more than one way to learn gemology, including On-line courses and Distance learning, but nothing can replace the excitement and satisfaction of learning in a classroom with a qualified and competent instructor.

ACGS (Asiatic Center of Gemological Services) aims to provide world-class education in all its courses. It is widely accepted that high-quality professional gem education can be provided in one of the two ways – GIA style ( American School) and Gem-A style (British school).

Most of our courses are modeled on GIA pattern of teaching, with certain modifications (except the programs of study leading to Gem-A examinations). At ACGS (Asiatic Center of Gemological Services), you acquire the same level of knowledge plus more, but at a price significantly lower.

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