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Gemological  Laboratory Services provides Diamond Analysis, Diamond Grading Certificates And Reports

ACGS Gemological Laboratory , provides certificates to identify the true value of a diamond , colored gemstone, and pearls.ACGS is the world’s most trusted name in diamond grading, pearl and gemstone identification Laboratory. 

Services of a properly equipped laboratory have become indispensable to the gem trade today. The market having been flooded with treated and synthetic stones, confidence at all levels in the gem line seems to have taken a beating. Lab testing of individual stones and assessment of parcels has been on the rise before finalizing deals at the marketplace.

Diamond grading is a must to decide value. Slight change in grade can change the price substantially. You may be a manufacturer or a wholesaler, a retailer or an end-user, you need to know the color, clarity, and cut grades accurately to determine the actual value of a given diamond.

Put the above two requirements together and it makes one realize the importance of genuine authentication of a piece of stone-studded jewelry. This is one area which affects all the three – jewelry manufacturers, retail jewelers, and the customers.

ACGS lab is fully equipped to take care of standard testing needs. All tests are performed by qualified and experienced gemologists.Adherence to GIA and other internationally accepted standards is the basis of all our test reports. Special services like origin reports in case of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are also available. Lab charges are reasonable and so is the testing time.