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Diamond Grading – Gemological Laboratory Services

  • Service is provided in respect of cut and polished diamonds only.
  • Minimum size acceptable for issuing a full report is 10 cents (0.1 carat).Grading is carried out only under controlled conditions, 
  • Grading is carried out only under controlled conditions, keeping in view GIA standards.
  • Full grading report includes clarity, color, cut, fluorescence, and a plot diagram showing important clarity characteristics.
  • Summary grading report contains same information as the full grading report but does not include any plot diagram.
  • In case of doubt about the stone being a natural diamond, diamond grading report will not be issued and a fixed charge will be taken  from the client.
  • In case a diamond has been enhanced by HPHT treatment but the same is not detected in the laboratory during routineexamination, ACGS will not be responsible for the same.
  • Fancy colored diamonds are graded for clarity, cut, and color; color grade is assigned as per parameters laid down by the  GIA.
  • Methodology - Each and every Diamond is certified after a thorough analysis and study by a qualified and experienced  diamond grader. Each diamond undergoes rigorous and meticulous study and analysis before preparation of the report.
  • Credibility - The laboratory is known for its credibility, impartiality and independence.


Diamond of 0.20 cts. upto 0.49 cts. Rs. 900/- per stone
Diamond of 0.50 cts. upto 2.00 cts. Rs. 1,500/- per stone
Diamond of 2 cts. and above Rs. 2,500/- per stone
Bulk Grading of Diamond ( Melee & Stars ) Rs. 1500/- per Carat
Verification of Synthetic and Treated Diamonds* Rs. 1,500/- per stone
Bulk Grading and Certification (0.50 carats and above in a lot of 100 diamonds and more.) Rs. 1,000/- per stone


  • Service tax applicable on the above charges at the rate 10.30%.
  • Delivery within Two working days.
  • Goods will be returned only on producing the CHALLAN issued by ACGS.
  • Above prices are subject to change without any prior notice.