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  • All gemstones, diamonds, or other gem materials have to be submitted at the collection window of ACGS at its main office in Ghatkopar East. 
  • ACGS (Asiatic Center of Gemological Services) will not pickup specimens for testing from the office/shop of the submitter and will not deliver the specimen back to the submitter at their office/shop. 
  • An acknowledgement receipt / challan, carrying a serial number, will be issued for the specimen received, indicating the weight, general appearance, and description of the same. The likely date and time of delivery of the report are also reflected on the same. The challan will carry on it contact name and telephone number of the submitter. 
  • “Express Service” is provided against enhanced fee only. 
  • The specimen, along with the report, will be returned to the submitter, at the stipulated time against payment due to ACGS, on production of the acknowledgement receipt / challan at its office. 
  • While submitting pieces of jewelry for grading / identification, the weight of the stone / stones studded in the piece need to be informed by the submitter. • All submitters should go through the terms and conditions given on the reverse side of the test / grading report.