40 years of total experience in the field of Gemology & Geology

40 years of total experience in the field of Gemology & Geology


  • Enrollments for Gem-A Foundation Certificate Examination due in June, 2020.
  • Graduate Diamond Class commencing soon. Contact office for dates.

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Welcome to Asiatic Center of Gemological Services (ACGS) - Gemological Institute

Gems and Jewelry is a multi-billion dollar industry with stake holders spread across different nations on all continents of the world. Strangely though, percentage of people involved in this industry, who could be considered even somewhat 'educated' in this vast and varied field is dismally low. This anomaly is all the more applicable in our own country, which has a rich tradition in diamonds, gemstones, pearls and gold and silver jewelry. With technological advancements in the field of material science, today’s market is filled with diamonds, gemstones, and pearls which have been subjected to different kinds of treatments. Not only that, there are synthetics galore! Need for professional education and reliable laboratory service in the industry is now more than ever. Asiatic Center of Gemological Services was set up in 2008 with such objectives in view. We offer painstakingly structured professional courses to prepare professionals who can deliver these much-needed services in the arena of trading. Besides technical expertise, there is always an emphasis on ETHICS. Education and ethics are the right mix for today’s professional who go a long way in protecting the consumer interest and encourage ethical practices in the trade.

Gemological Education Institute

Graduate Diploma - Diamonds
Course in Gemology
Course in Pearls
International Gemmology Course (London)
Diamond Grading & Assortment
Jewelry Retail

Gemological Laboratory Services

Diamond Grading
Diamond Sorting
Gem Identification
Colored Stone Grading
Jewelry Certification

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Gem Store
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